Future proofing global IoT
The Ultimate IoT Orchestration

4 pillar approach

Unified IoT services to enterprises globally through a single access platform integrated with multiple technology and service providers.


Sensors, components, devices, gateways, SIM cards in various form factors for all IoT needs delivered at your doorstep. Look out for ConnectedYou certified devices for quick and easy setup and integration with ConnectedYou IoT service platform.


Connectivity choices with various network technologies from prominent suppliers integrated, accessed and managed through single console and unified APIs with ability to switch and migrate in real time, at-a-click, free of charge. Fully powered and managed through ConnectedYou eSIMs.

Cloud Services

Multiple cloud services like data visualization, analytics, routing, etc. with ability to securely manage your IoT data and instantly switch service providers in real time. Stream your data into your choice of cloud services.

IoT Products & Solutions

Interested in some of most amazing IoT products? Try our shop. Some of the coolest IoT products from all over the world integrated and served through ConnectedYou service platform. Bring more fun and excitement along with savings into your personal and professional life.

Parag Mittal (CEO & Co-founder)

“IoT is not the destination but a journey. The only way through is with partnerships and true partnerships create an ecosystem only when a new value is created together that charts out a new course. We created ConnectedYou with a much needed, yet simple, ambitious goal of delivering the ultimate orchestration of IoT.

Products and services are delivered by major service providers, through a single access platform, giving customers the freedom to choose and replace services as their needs evolve.

ConnectedYou ensures a future proof roll-out of IoT products and solutions in the field.”

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