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Connectivity management for EV charging stations

Do EV Charging Stations Need A Connectivity Management Platform?

To operate smartly, third-generation chargers require power, payment methods, and connectivity. It could be tough for drivers to access the chargers if they are not connected. Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting becomes a problem without connected chargers. Typically, all of this calls for continuous network accessibility. 

Cellular Connectivity For EV Charging Stations

With evolved eUICC technology, cellular connectivity has opened new realms of possibilities for EV charging stations. You can switch connectivity providers remotely without having to physically change SIM cards. All you need is a connectivity management platform to switch between multiple network providers, pre-integrated in the ecosystem. 

Benefits of Connectivity Management for EV Charging Stations

Connectivity management of esims for ev charging stations

A unified platform to manage connectivity irrespective of the connectivity supplier is an extremely valuable asset. Revenue and reputation might be lost for EV charging brands due to outages or inadequate cellular service. View, monitor, and manage connectivity for your EV charging stations through ConnectedYou’s unified connectivity management platform. Some features to keep in mind

  • Remote SIM Provisioning: Switch between multiple connectivity profiles over the air (OTA) in case of connectivity downtime or based on the price as per your convenience
  • Quick detection of connectivity issues: In the event of connectivity downtime or connectivity-related hardware issues with the charging station, real-time analytics and surveillance allow you to make informed decisions
  • Excellent scalability: The ability to remotely manage your connectivity helps in installing new EV stations without fretting too much about connectivity infrastructure as you can monitor and analyze SIM usage trends and SIM activation trends
  • Cost saving:Eliminates the cost of installing new SIMs every time you switch connectivity providers, you can simply activate, suspend or terminate connectivity subscriptions to optimize connectivity costs

If you are looking for a cloud based dashboard to manage connectivity for your EV charging stations, get in touch with Our experts will help you out.

Why ConnectedYou?

Our connectivity solution is universally independent of any connectivity provider. Choose from 40+ pre-integrated connectivity suppliers based on your connectivity requirements across different regions

global connectivity for ev charging stations

We orchestrate the critical components that include - eUICC-enabled SIMs/ eSIMs, global IoT/ M2M connectivity, unified monitoring & management, and remote SIM provisioning capabilities into a single solution as a one-stop-shop. Here’s why our product is the best solution for your EV charging station - 

  • The largest network of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT networks 
  • Connectivity for countries with permanent roaming restrictions
  • Transparent Pay-As-You-Go pricing without hidden charges or minimum commitments
  • Single contract enabling hassle-free multi-supplier sourcing without lock-ins with any connectivity provider
  • Unified platform to manage your IoT/ M2M SIM cards irrespective of the connectivity supplier
  • Capability to switch connectivity suppliers remotely without SIM replacement and  without any additional transaction costs
  • Central support desk for all connectivity issues

People Also Ask -

Question: What is an IoT connectivity management platform?

Answer: A connectivity management platform is intended to help reduce the operational workload for organizations deploying and scaling their IoT with a managed cellular connectivity service. The connectivity management platform serves as the critical link between your devices, the network, and the consistent delivery of IoT data.

Question: Why do EV charging stations need cellular connectivity?

Answer: Cellular IoT connectivity is critical for monitoring, management, and optimizing energy consumption. EV providers also require real-time data in order to better understand consumer behavior and meet their needs.

Written by Neha Verma & Parag Mittal @ConnectedYou

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