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In Conversation With Our CEO

In Conversation With Our CEO

Meet our CEO and Co-founder, Parag Mittal, in conversation at the Collision 2019. In this interview, Parag talks about ConnectedYou and our services. 

Connecting IoT devices can be a challenge but ConnectedYou's solution makes this challenge a thing of the past.

Parag Mittal’s Interview at Collision

Quick summary of the interview, quoted from the video description - 

The Internet of Things, abbreviated as IoT, is a complex network of devices that can collect and share information about the world. This data can be utilized for tasks as straightforward as keeping a facility at a reasonable temperature or as sophisticated as maintaining and protecting a fleet of vehicles. However, maintaining these connections can be challenging, particularly if the sensors are moving. This is where ConnectedYou comes into picture.

Instead of using a conventional carrier-supplied card, ConnectedYou offers a connectivity orchestration solution that is built for connected devices. Our unique SIM enables network switching that is rapid and customizable without requiring the carriers to become directly involved. Because the solution is an eSIM in a regular plug-in SIM body, the SIM can be used in any GSM or LTE handset from any manufacturer. Consider a cargo train crossing North America and ascending the West Coast. T-Mobile may be an affordable data supplier in densely populated areas of California. However, AT&T might be the sole choice in the sparsely populated areas of Washington; and, when it comes to Canada, neither are viable options; instead, TELUS is required.

Previously, this network switch was not possible without physically swapping the SIM cards. Using ConnectedYou’s eUICC enabled SIMs and IOH platform, this becomes a simple task. Use our connectivity management console to create rules and change carriers on the fly. Or, use the APIs to create even more intricate swapping algorithms. Wherever your devices are, you can create a scenario so that they can communicate with your network and your infrastructure.

The ConnectedYou SIM is available now for use in IoT devices globally. To learn more about the platform, or to purchase a SIM, head to our website -

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Feel free to reach out to us – we are always happy to help. We orchestrate the critical components that include - eUICC-enabled SIMs/ eSIMs, global IoT/ M2M connectivity, unified monitoring & management, and remote SIM provisioning capabilities into a single solution as a one-stop-shop

We would be very keen to hear about your challenges, help you and share your pain with our ecosystem of suppliers and partners to deliver exemplary service for your enterprise. Get in touch so that we can ensure and offer a future-proof IoT roll-out. Write to us at

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