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MFF2 specifications

MFF2 specifications

The ConnectedYou eSIM embedded SIM is available in MFF2 Surface Mount Device (SMD).
eSIMs are of industrial grade and produced with higher resistance with an expanded temperature range of -40°C and +105°C. Other factors such as corrosion and impact on SIMs from vibrations are also improved.
1. MFF2 footprint
Exact dimensions of MFF2 are tabled below
2. Pinout configuration
Pinout configuration as per ETSI TS 102 221 is shown below.
3. PCB footprint
Recommendation for PCB footprint is shown below.
4. Tape & Reel dimension
MFF2 products come in a reel of minimum 1,000 pcs encased in a container depicted below. It is possible that a lesser number is shipped outside of the container if a lower quantity is requested.
The dimensions of the tape, reel and the container are shown below.
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