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Hydrogen cleaning

A Healthy Engine With Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning


The Hydrogen HCC-5000 machine used for decarbonisation of engines gets connected thanks to ConnectedYou.

HCC-5000 is a machine that via electrolysis of water creates oxy-hydrogen gas that attaches itself to carbon deposits in combustion chamber and exhaust systems of internal combustion engines. A chemical reaction is created which then removes the carbon deposits, leaving the car cleaner environmentally friendlier and enables the engine to operate more efficiently. Tests show reduced fuel consumption, regained engine performances and reduced exhaust emission of up to 95% (especially Particle Matters PM2.5 and PM10).


Hydrogen Technologies was facing three major challenges:

  • How to connect all the machines via a single interface instead of multiple regional connectivity provider interfaces?
  • How to ensure that connectivity is pervasive with the single interface (fall back / multiple operator support per country)?
  • How to ensure cost effective solution across all regions through the single contract without getting locked-in with an operator?


Machines across the globe are connected using ConnectedYou powered eSIMs to enable remote monitoring, diagnostics and sensor readings to be transmitted back to a single, centralised location for processing and management.

ConnectedYou enables a single interface/platform to connect the machines from wherever in the world on a single eSIM product with ability to choose different operators, easing the go to market and the logistics process. The eSIMs come enabled and connected out of the box.

“We have the need to seamlessly collect all data from sensors and remotely manage and monitor our professional industrial machines without the headache of managing multiple MNO relationships. The key value ConnectedYou delivers is a single pipe and single interface enabling communication with all our machines, regardless of where they are in the world. Of course, being cost effective across the board due to working with various MNOs for different regions helps tremendously!”

- said Branko Hinic, CEO of Hydrogen Technologies.


After initial deployments in Western Balkans, last 12 months have seen impressive growth in EU and APAC, with Middle East being the next region in need of Hydrogen Technologies products and services. The plan is to scale the number of installations in these regions to reinforce the leadership position but also to expand to new markets where the company plans to expand.


In order to meet the increasing demand sustainably in the shortest time possible as well as optimize the B.O.M. of the product, it is very important for Hydrogen Technologies to have a partner like ConnectedYou, who provides flexible and secure connectivity and data management on a global scale.

  • Single partner for all global data communication (M2M) without hassles of dealing with multiple MNOs.
  • Improve logistics & increase value of Hydrogen Tech. product with a seamless service onboarding, out-of-the-box
  • Providing critical infrastructure (via SIM and CY system) Hydrogen Tech. needs for reliable remote monitoring capabilities of their assets in the field.

Thanks to ConnectedYou, Hydrogen Tech. is able to create a product for their clients on a global scale, react fast and professionally in a rapidly growing connected automotive after-sales market.


In the future, Hydrogen Tech. plans to explore ConnectedYou’s common reference designs with modem / gateway partners to further increase the optimisation of building the key asset (HCC-5000) machines as well as making their remote monitoring and management service more robust & scalable.


Company for research, testing, develop and implementation of practical applications of hydrogen energy, as well as producing and selling HYDROGEN CARBON CLEANING systems.

After almost ten years of scientific work on testing and application of hydrogen (H) in the field of alternative energy, electrolysis, energy storage, etc. we have reached results in the form of applicable products that we call HYDROGEN GENERATORS and HYDROGEN CARBON CLEANING machines. The main and common technology for these two products is high-efficiency electrolyses of water, which is the base for our roadmap of products including H2 production and its storage for FCEV vehicles, power-grid load balancing and other industrial applications.

“Our mission is to share our knowledge and technology in the field of specific hydrogen applications which has received an impressive market validation of creating value, increasing revenue, providing for a better environment and more jobs for all our participants. With this in mind, we started our aggressive move into the new markets. Join us.”

Written by - Parag Mittal

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