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ConnectedYou announces first of its kind Global IoT Service

ConnectedYou announces first of its kind Global IoT Service

Copenhagen, Denmark – 9th July, 2018

ConnectedYou (, CEO & Co-founder: Parag Mittal) announces it’s arrival in the IoT industry with a 4 pillar approach towards an IoT service built on fundamental pillars of Devices, Connectivity, Cloud Services and Value Added Services.

ConnectedYou as an independent player offers unified IoT service to enterprises globally through a single access platform integrated with multiple technology and service providers. ConnectedYou enables an ecosystem that allows enterprises to freely choose the service and offer from suppliers, giving the ability to switch suppliers remotely within the ConnectedYou  ecosystem without any additional costs in-real-time at-a-click. Enterprises can now have a future proof orchestration for all IoT needs keeping innovation and improvements in mind.

Enterprises most often need multiple suppliers for their IoT needs because every supplier is not the best fit for all needs globally, which leads to delayed time to market due to large number of contracts and integrations needed. In addition, as use cases and technology evolves it leaves no option to switch, migrate to a more suited supplier in the future creating a lock-in for the devices in the field.

ConnectedYou is first of its kind to address this problem by offering a service that is pre-integrated with multiple best suppliers of devices, connectivity, clouds and value added services into a single ecosystem platform. Enterprises can purchase, access and manage services from all ConnectedYou ecosystem suppliers through a unified account access via console or APIs. All suppliers are dominant key industry players. Ability to switch and migrate from one supplier to another is available at-a-click without any additional charge.

ConnectedYou serves everyone from hobby developers to large enterprises irrespective of the business volume or the use case with focus on supporting the customers in accelerating their business, smooth roll-out, shorter time to market with minimal costs.

ConnectedYou begins with the launch of ConnectedYou SIMs enabled with multiple MNO subscriptions in both plugin and embedded format. This allows customers to access connectivity and additional services from participating MNOs with ability to switch the operator remotely within the ConnectedYou ecosystem in real time through ConnectedYou platform without additional switching costs. ConnectedYou service also enables customers to manage subscriptions from multiple ConnectedYou partner MNOs through a single web console and unified ConnectedYou APIs.

ConnectedYou is actively inviting partners for delivery towards ongoing and future projects

  • Hardware – devices, components and sensors, etc.
  • Connectivity – cellular, LPWA, satellite, Mesh, etc.,
  • Cloud & Value Added Services – data management, analytics, visualization, machine learning, etc.

ConnectedYou will continue to release new services and features on its mission to truly democratize IoT.

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