ConnectedYou and Robustel join forces to create a future proof IoT

ConnectedYou (CY) welcomes Robustel on board the ConnectedYou ecosystem as an “IoT Accelerator” partner.

Germany and Denmark — November 20th, 2018

ConnectedYou, the IoT service orchestrator and Robustel, the leading industrial IoT/M2M hardware & solutions company, announce a partnership to build an open ecosystem for IoT services that will help companies future proof their deployments.

ConnectedYou and Robustel, are combining their IoT expertise to develop hardware and services for enterprises. Allowing customers to select a service provider remotely in real-time with the ability to make changes if required at-a-click using the ConnectedYou IoT orchestration platform.

Customers will be able to purchase Robustel industrial IoT/M2M hardware directly from ConnectedYou across Europe with rapid delivery options. Through ConnectedYou, customers will be able to purchase certified hardware using multiple flexible payment options including one-time and monthly payment contracts spread over a 12, 24 or 36 month period.

Network access is enabled through ConnectedYou eSIMs in both traditional plugin and embedded formats and is managed through the ConnectedYou web console and unified APIs.

This is a major milestone for us at ConnectedYou and our current and future customers. One of the major challenges customers face is heavy upfront costs towards hardware even though the benefits of the deployment are not seen for at least 6 to 12 months period, or even more. This partnership will not only allow customers to deploy qualified Robustel devices orchestrated by ConnectedYou services but also pay for the devices over longer contract durations, enabling customers to earn parallel to making investments. We have not seen this model yet in the industry anywhere and we are glad that together with Robustel we are able to create a better ROI model for our customers”, said Parag Mittal, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder at ConnectedYou.

We are very excited about our partnership with ConnectedYou. From our experience as a key player in the IoT and IIoT areas for many years, users always face a missing piece of the puzzle when developing an IoT idea into workable solution. With a simple marketplace platform provided by ConnectedYou, consisting of high quality brands in the portfolio. It not only fills the missing piece of puzzle but also blends the perfect IoT flavor.”, said Sarun Kub, Managing Director at Robustel Solutions GmbH

Notes to editors
ConnectedYou eSIMs are fully managed by ConnectedYou as an independent provider and can be enabled with connectivity from any provider within the ecosystem.

About CY
ConnectedYou is an independent IoT Service company offering a unique and unified IoT service to enterprises globally through a single access platform integrated with multiple technology and service providers. ConnectedYou’s service is based on 4 pillar approach encompassing Devices, Connectivity and Cloud Services and Value added Services. ConnectedYou enables an ecosystem that allows enterprises to freely choose services and offers from suppliers, enabling ability to remotely switch suppliers within the ConnectedYou ecosystem. ConnectedYou provides enterprises with a future proof orchestration for all their IoT needs keeping future innovation and improvements in their mind.

About Robustel

Robustel is a world leading supplier of industrial IoT/M2M Hardware and Solutions. Since its establishment in 2010 in Guangzhou China, Robustel has been concentrating on providing Industrial GoRugged Cellular Routers, Gateways, Modems, Cloud Software and E2E Solutions. To support global business in more than 100 countries, Robustel has set up branches in Germany, Australia, Japan, UK, US, the Netherlands and Hong Kong. Customers include leading mobile operators such as AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Rogers, SingTel, Teliasonera, Vodafone, etc.



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