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Enterprise Connectivity Orchestration (X-Road)

Consume connectivity exactly as you want with complete supplier independence. Powered by ConnectedYou.

What is X-Road?

The principles of a good connectivity orchestration are multi vendor sourcing, independance and interoperability of SIMs/ eSIMs, Connectivity Providers, Connectivity Management Platforms, Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) Platforms, Operations and Support.

ConnectedYou offers a one-stop-shop encompassing the above with flexibility to pick and choose orchestration components as part of the X-Road service without changes to your existing ecosystem.

ConnectedYou is one of the best IoT connectivity management platforms out there in the market and is a great partner who can help solve challenges for growing IoT and connectivity needs of Fortune 500 companies.

Rahul Vijay

Tech Deals & Supply Chain, Uber

SIMs/ e-SIMs

SIMs/ e-SIMs

We provide eUICC enabled Plugin/ embedded SIMs and SIM-Profiles.


Buy directly from our qualified SIM vendors by negotiating the price and terms directly

✓ We can onboard your SIM supplier if not qualified already



Buy connectivity from a pool of 40+ pre-integrated connectivity profiles from us on a transparent Pay-As-You-Go model.


✓ Buy connectivity directly from any of the integrated suppliers

✓ Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) if not integrated already

Connectivity Management

Connectivity Management

Manage connectivity from multiple suppliers through our IoT Orchestration Hub (IOH) Platform.

✓ Activate, suspend or terminate connectivity subscriptions to optimise connectivity costs

✓ Monitor and analyse SIM usage trends, SIM activation trends, etc.

✓ Create business rules for usage thresholds, device changes, etc. to trigger actions such as email notifications, webhooks, etc.

✓ Secure your deployment & prevent usage fraud by enabling SIM-Device (IMEI) lock

✓ Diagnose and troubleshoot connectivity issues via SIM network events and usage feeds

Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP)

Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP)

Manage and switch between connectivity suppliers using eUICC/ eSIM enabled plugin and embedded SIMs on a GSMA SAS certified platform.


✓ Your choice of connectivity profiles can be managed by our SMSR & SMDP platforms

✓ Your SMSR and/ or SMDP platforms can be integrated to our ecosystem

✓ Standalone components of SMSR and SMDP are available

✓ Integration of our SMSR to SMDP of your choice of connectivity providers

Operations & Support

Operations & Support

We function as your connectivity department to manage all operations and support items centrally.


✓ We jointly work on supplier selection through RFPs

✓ We manage end to end onboarding from requirements to integration

✓ Central L2 desk for connectivity issues with a dedicated ticketing platform



Pay only for components that are used. Pay-As-You-Go licensing or revenue share without any upfront costs.


Platform built for enterprise consumption with continuous evolution & customisations based on use case requirements.


Feature rich modular platform pre-integrated with ecosystem components and a framework enabling quick onboarding of new suppliers.