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ConnectedYou enables a partner program “ConnectedYou IoT Accelerators” allowing partners to use CY platform and services to accelerate and catalyze IoT roll out and truly democratize IoT. We are actively looking for partners from following categories for current projects and our future customers.


If you make any kind of hardware for IoT, be it devices, components, sensors you are welcome to join our partner program. Through us your products will get global addressable market over a customer base ranging from hobby developers to large enterprises.


We seek to expand our portfolio of connectivity partners over all spectrum worldwide. All types of connectivity providers can join our projects be it cellular connectivity, LPWAN, satellite, mesh etc. Let's build a single largest global network of all technologies.


From data visualization to machine learning and AI, all companies developing various types of cloud service platforms can get access to a global and growing customer base through CY.

IoT Products & Solutions

Do you have some cool, some useful or some breathtaking IoT products for users? From personal trackers to smart farming products, irrespective of verticals we invite you to get them listed on our global IoT shop and go global and connected.

Velipekka Kuoppala (CBO & Co-founder)

“ConnectedYou IoT Accelerators is a partner program that is more than meeting once in a while and sipping coffee together.

We enable an ecosystem that functions through a live platform like a colony of ants where everyone has a role to play because it is only possible to make IoT happen together.

Let’s join forces to create a common interface, a common platform for the makers of IoT giving everyone room to breathe and pull IoT together as a team above its current adoption curve and closer to predictions and its true potential.

Contact us to find out about ongoing projects and opportunities or simply have your products & services made available to global clients from hobby developers to large enterprises through ConnectedYou, because we Connect You”

ConnectedYou IoT Accelerators

Our partners from various verticals

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