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Flexible Connectivity Solution For EV Charging Stations

Flexible Connectivity Solution For EV Charging Stations

More information about the EV industry is now available thanks to the current environmental crisis and the recent initiatives to speed up global decarbonization, which also creates new economic prospects. You will encounter several acronyms and novel words in the realm of electric vehicles (EVs). A wide range of players are involved in the value chain for electric mobility:

  • Electric vehicle manufacturers
  • Charging station manufacturers
  • Charging station retailers and installers
  • EV charging networks - CPOs & eMSPs 

In this article we will delve into the connectivity issues faced by EV charging networks. But before diving any further, let’s look at the two main components of the network. In this blog we will focus on the terms eMSP and CPO.

What is an eMSP?

An e-mobility service provider aids EV drivers in finding charging stations and provides a seamless charging experience, and a variety of payment options. eMSPs typically only provide services to consumers who have registered accounts, but occasionally local laws require them to give access to unregistered consumers as well. Additionally, roaming access to third-party charging networks might be offered by e-mobility companies. Roaming features are crucial since they significantly enhance the end-user experience. With EV roaming, EV drivers can charge their vehicles across other EV charging networks, similar to how you can continue using your phone while traveling abroad and connect through local networks.

What is a CPO?

Charge Point Operator (CPO) is a company that manages, runs, and installs a network of charging stations through an application platform and runs this network of interconnected charging stations (which they may or may not own). One or more Mobility Service Providers may be permitted to offer charging services to end users by the CPO. To allow end users to charge their electric vehicle through a single Mobility Service Provider, it can also permit interconnection and/or roaming with other Charging Point Operator networks.

EV Charging As A Service

EMSP and CPOs are a crucial part of the EV charging infrastructure. They work together to set up and maintain EV charging stations. While the CPO manages and sets up the charging infrastructure and maintains the charging stations, the EMSP offers this charging infrastructure to actual customers, helping the CPO make money with their chargers and take care of the billing. The distinction between eMSPs and CPOs is becoming more difficult to make as the market for EV charging stations expands. Many times, the eMSP of a charge point is also the charge point's CPO.

Connectivity Challenges Faced By EV Charging Networks

Now that we understand the distinction and interconnection between the EV charging networks, we can take a closer look at the challenges faced by them:

1. Cellular SIM Coverage With/Without National Roaming

“Wireless connectivity is needed so the charge point can enable users by metering usage, identifying users, and billing accordingly.” It is necessary for charge point operators to be able to track the status of the site in real time to schedule maintenance, comprehend demand, and guarantee payment. A wireless backup makes sense even when fixed line connections are available since wireless connectivity can help ensure a charge point remains active. Downtime is unacceptable in this cutthroat market where customers heavily rely on access to charging, and CPOs cannot afford to risk their reputations or lose money due to non-operational locations. This makes it important for CPOs to have access to multiple cellular networks to avoid dead zones and downtime. 

2. Unexpected Data Charges From Foreign Networks

The next challenge faced by eMSPs and CPOs, is the additional cost incurred on roaming networks. From time to time we hear challenges by the service providers where their near-country-border charging stations are latching to telecom operators in the neighboring country raising the connectivity charges accordingly. 

3. Combining Logistical & Economical Complexity

The rapid deployment of new installations poses its own challenges for EV charge point operators (CPOs), including planning restrictions, installation costs, ease of access, and—critically—the need for resilient and highly secure two-way connectivity in areas where wired infrastructure isn't always readily (and affordably) available. Furthermore, the roaming restrictions and additional data charges have led to situations where the service providers have had the need to acquire SIM cards and data connectivity from other suppliers leading to unnecessary logistical and economical complexity. 


ConnectedYou gives your EV chargers the finest cellular coverage whether they are indoors, underground, on city streets, or in motorway service areas by utilizing various networks and offering LTE-M connectivity. You can quickly and simply protect, oversee, and manage your fleet of connected chargers by integrating our connectivity management platform with your management backend.

If you are finding it difficult to make a decision, feel free to reach out to us – we are always happy to help. We orchestrate the critical components that include - eUICC-enabled SIMs/ eSIMs, global IoT/ M2M connectivity, unified monitoring & management, and remote SIM provisioning capabilities into a single solution as a one-stop-shop. Here’s why our product is the best solution for your enterprise - 

  • The largest aggregation of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT networks 
  • Connectivity options for countries with permanent roaming restrictions
  • Transparent Pay-As-You-Go pricing without hidden charges or minimum commitments
  • Connectivity without throttling for best experience
  • Local/ regional breakouts globally to achieve desired latency
  • Single contract enabling hassle-free multi-supplier sourcing without lock-ins with any connectivity provider
  • Unified platform to manage your IoT/ M2M SIM cards irrespective of the connectivity supplier
  • Capability to switch connectivity suppliers remotely without SIM replacement and  without any additional transaction costs
  • Central support desk for all connectivity issues

We would be very keen to hear about your challenges, help you and share your pain with our ecosystem of suppliers and partners to deliver the right service for your enterprise. Get in touch so that we can ensure and offer a future-proof IoT roll-out. Write to us at

Written by: Neha Verma and Velipekka Kuoppala  @ConnectedYou

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