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IoT Connectivity Marketplace

One-stop-shop to manage your global IoT deployments, a marketplace of IoT connectivity independent of any connectivity provider.
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Global IoT Connectivity

Global IoT Connectivity

Choose from 40+ suppliers based on pricing, levels of service, quality & coverage.

✓ Transparent Pay-As-You-Go pricing without hidden charges or minimum commitments

✓ Supporting 488 2G networks, 495 3G networks, 362 4G networks

✓ 42 LTE-M networks & 11 NB-IoT networks for LPWAN deployments

✓ Connectivity for countries with permanent roaming restrictions

We have created a simple tool to view & compare connectivity options from various suppliers to aid your selection.

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unified connectivity management

unified connectivity management

Manage connectivity from multiple suppliers through our IoT Orchestration Hub (IOH) Platform.

✓ Activate, suspend or terminate connectivity subscriptions to optimise connectivity costs

✓ Monitor and analyse SIM usage trends, SIM activation trends, etc.

✓ Create business rules for usage thresholds, device changes, etc. to trigger actions such as email notifications, webhooks, etc.

✓ Secure your deployment & prevent usage fraud by enabling SIM-Device (IMEI) lock

✓ Diagnose and troubleshoot connectivity issues via SIM network events and usage feeds

e-SIM/ e-UICC orchestration

e-SIM/ e-UICC orchestration

Manage and switch between connectivity suppliers based on coverage, pricing, quality of service, etc. using eUICC/ eSIM enabled plugin and embedded SIMs.

✓ 40+ pre-integrated connectivity suppliers (and growing) to switch between.

✓ Switching capability is inclusive of the connectivity prices without any additional transaction costs

✓ GSMA SGP.02 (Version 3.2) compliant eUICC SIMs and Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) solution

eUICC SIMs/ eSIMs and RSP platform without integrations are not sufficient to avoid connectivity provider lock-in. We have created a constantly growing ecosystem of pre-integrated connectivity providers.

Operations & support

Operations & support

We function as your connectivity department.

✓ We advise you on best connectivity options based on use case, regions and prices

✓ Single contract enabling hassle free multi-supplier sourcing without lock-ins with any connectivity provider

✓ Central support desk for all connectivity issues. We help in faster diagnosing & resolution of issues and escalation to connectivity providers with frequent updates on the progress.