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IoT/ M2M Connectivity

One-stop-shop to buy eUICC enabled SIMs/ eSIMs, choose connectivity from 40+ pre-integrated connectivity providers and manage your global IoT/ M2M deployments from a unified platform.
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ConnectedYou enables you to centrally manage your global IoT/ M2M connectivity across multiple suppliers in one place. Our connectivity solution is universally independent from any connectivity provider. We orchestrate the critical components of eUICC enabled SIMs/ eSIMs, Global IoT/ M2M Connectivity, Unified monitoring and management and Remote SIM Provisioning capabilities into a single solution as a one-stop-shop.

Get ready for a seamless experience with our exceptional IoT Orchestration Hub. Talk to our in-house IoT experts for a better understanding of our products.

Global IoT/ M2M Connectivity

Global IoT/ M2M Connectivity

Choose from 40+ pre-integrated connectivity suppliers based on your connectivity requirements across different regions. Our connectivity solution supports large number of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M and NB-IoT networks. Use our simple tool to view & compare connectivity options to aid your selection.

✓ Transparent Pay-As-You-Go pricing without hidden charges or minimum commitments

✓ Supporting 488 2G networks, 495 3G networks, 362 4G networks

✓ 42 LTE-M networks & 11 NB-IoT networks for LPWAN deployments

✓ Connectivity for countries with permanent roaming restrictions

We have created a simple tool to view & compare connectivity options from various suppliers to aid your selection.

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unified connectivity management

unified connectivity management

A unified platform to manage your IoT/ M2M SIM cards irrespective of the connectivity supplier. View, monitor and manage your global deployment for Industry 4.0, Telematics, Asset Tracking, Fleet Management, Smart Cities, Automotive, EV charging, Smart Agriculture, Gateways and any other use case.

✓ Activate, suspend or terminate connectivity subscriptions to optimise connectivity costs

✓ Monitor and analyse SIM usage trends, SIM activation trends, etc.

✓ Create business rules for usage thresholds, device changes, etc. to trigger actions such as email notifications, webhooks, etc.

✓ Secure your deployment & prevent usage fraud by enabling SIM-Device (IMEI) lock

✓ Diagnose and troubleshoot connectivity issues via SIM network events and usage feeds

Remote SIM Provisioning (eUICC)

Remote SIM Provisioning (eUICC)

eUICC enabled SIMs/ eSIMs and a RSP platform without integrations & orchestration are not sufficient to avoid connectivity provider lock-in. Being tied to individual connectivity provider is a bottleneck faced by many IoT use cases. To solve this problem, we have created a constantly growing ecosystem of pre-integrated connectivity providers. This gives our users the power to switch between suppliers at-a-click.

✓ 40+ pre-integrated connectivity suppliers (and growing) to switch between.

✓ Switching capability is inclusive of the connectivity prices without any additional transaction costs

✓ GSMA SGP.02 (Version 3.2) compliant eUICC SIMs and Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) solution

The Connectivity Experts

The Connectivity Experts

We function as your connectivity department. Our team of IoT experts will guide you through the process and enable you to make an informed decision.

We help in faster diagnosing & resolution of issues and escalation to connectivity providers with frequent updates on the progress. Seek out our IoT experts for seamless IoT deployment and operational support.

✓ We advise you on best connectivity options based on use case, regions and prices

✓ Single contract enabling hassle free multi-supplier sourcing without lock-ins with any connectivity provider

✓ Central support desk for all connectivity issues.

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