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Quectel MC60 compliance with ConnectedYou eSIM

Is Quectel MC60 Module eUICC/eSIM Compliant?

As per the tests run in ConnectedYou lab, the module has been found to be eUICC compatible with ConnectedYou SIMs/eSIMs. Contact us for more information at

Manufacturer Name Quectel
Qualification Date 23 May 2019
Session 19.05.4
Module name MC60
Supported network technologies 2G
Qualified firmware version MC60CAR01A13


eUICC compatibility

Audit eSIM Yes
Download profile Yes
Enable profile
Change fallback attribute
Delete profile

More about Quectel MC60

The MC60 is a dual SIM single standby quad-band GSM/GPRS/GNSS 2G module measuring 18.7mm × 16.0mm × 2.1mm which uses LCC castellation packaging and allows customers to use two (U)SIM cards in one device. Based on the latest 2G chipset, it is optimized for SMS, data and audio transmission in harsh environments, and is designed for low-power IoT applications which require sophisticated and precise geolocation features.

With extensive internet protocols, 99 acquisition channels and 33 tracking channels, the MC60 module integrates GPRS and GNSS engines in one compact SMT package. It also supports Extended Prediction Orbit (EPOTM) technology which reduces time-to-first-fix (TTFF) without needing an extra server. The QuecFastFix function further reduces TTFF in cold starts.

To ensure optimal TTFF and precise location in lower power modes, the MC60 additionally supports EASYTM (Embedded Assist System), LOCUSTM (internal logger), AlwaysLocate™ and GLP (GNSS Low Power). The built-in LNA further provides the module with improved RF sensitivity and exceptional acquisition/tracking performance even in weak signal areas.

The compact form factor, range of geopositioning features, low power consumption, and dual (U)SIM card capability make the MC60 ideal for a wide range of IoT applications, such as wearable devices, telematics, automotive, pet tracking and asset tracking.

For more details about the module click here.

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