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View, monitor and manage connectivity from ConnectedYou's unique IoT Orchestration Hub platform.

eUICC enabled SIMs with the ability to switch connectivity suppliers within our ecosystem, without SIM replacement, without any extra charges.

This product is approved for all use cases.

Services available

  • Data communication

  • P2P SMS (Outgoing & Incoming) - EUR 0.05 per SIM per month additional charges for MSISDN assignment. MSISDN fee is charged irrespective of the billing state.


This is a postpaid product that will be invoiced and charged at the end of every calendar month.

You pay only for SIMs in ACTIVE state in a calendar month. Read more about different SIM lifecycle states and related charges.

 Item Price Explanation
Monthly Basic Fee (MBF) €1.00 Recurring fee charged per Active SIM per month.
Regulatory setup fee (one time)
€15.00 Charged one time at SIM/ Profile purchase. This fee is paid to Brazil telecom regulators to use local connectivity profile.
Regulatory maintenance fee (annual) €10.00 Charged annually. This fee is paid to Brazil telecom regulators to use local connectivity profile.


Minimum yearly billing: EUR 1.00 per SIM Profile (from second calendar year onwards). E.g. if the SIM Profile was provisioned in calendar year 2022, then a minimum billing of EUR 1.00 is required for the SIM profile for every calendar year from 2023 onwards.

Data usage pricing snapshot

  • Countries where permanent roaming is not allowed are marked in orange.

  • Countries where an additional access fee per Active SIM per month is charged to enable permanent roaming are marked in blue.

  • Usage fee varies depending on the country of use based on volume of Data/ SMS/ Voice consumed. View/ download full coverage and pricing details.

*Cost = MBF + Data usage charges

 Countries Price per MB data usage *Estimated Cost

(20MB/ month)
*Estimated Cost

(50MB/ month)
*Estimated Cost

(100MB/ month)
Brazil €0.03


Disclaimer: The information provided is made available for information purposes only and is intended to serve as a resource outlining updates to the roaming coverage of the SIM Profile as provided by the connectivity providers. While information and content included in this document is believed to be accurate at the time of publication, ConnectedYou or any person engaged or employed by ConnectedYou does not accept any liability for any errors, omissions or any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by what is contained or left out. ConnectedYou reserves the right to change the content based on any upcoming updates.

User may anytime download a different connectivity supplier profile from ConnectedYou marketplace and switch suppliers FREE OF CHARGE.All ConnectedYou eUICC based eSIMs are powered by ConnectedYou's Subscription Management/RSP orchestration with ability to remotely change subscriptions (if device supports eUICC compliance).

All ConnectedYou SIMs are based on GSMA compliant eUICC standardsAll SIMs offered by ConnectedYou can be managed through a unified ConnectedYou Marketplace User Console and API irrespective of the supplier of the connectivity

✓ Standard SIM, triple form factor 2FF + 3FF (Micro SIM) + 4FF (Nano SIM) in a single SIM

✓ Temperature range: -25°C to +85°C

✓ Data retention: 10 years

✓ Erase/Write cycles: 100,000

✓ Voltage: 1.8V, 3V, 5V

✓ Operating supply voltage: 1.62V – 5.5V

1. Buy ConnectedYou SIMs/ eSIMs online

Buy SIMs/ eSIMs/ SIM-Profiles. Download the price comparison tool to determine which connectivity SIM-profile is best for you based on different coverage, price and plan options.

2. Account Creation

An account on IoT Orchestration Hub (IOH) is required for managing your ConnectedYou SIMs.

Once you place an order, an account will be created and you will receive an email with all your account details. Our customer service team will contact you via email as well to help set up your account.

✓ Accept terms & conditions

✓ Update company information

✓ Update payment information

3. Order processing

Once the above steps are completed, your credit card will be charged and the order will be fulfilled.

You can generally expect delivery within 5 business days.

4. Setup your device and start using SIMs

Insert SIMs in your devices, enable cellular data and roaming data and setup the APN (Access Point Name).

Find the APN list per SIM-profile in our knowledge base.

Refer to our Getting started page for more details.