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Personal trackers to save the day

Personal trackers to save the day


  • Tramigo selected ConnectedYou for its global tracking IoT orchestration.
  • Tramigo’s deployment will target approximately 5 million tracking devices by 2022, on top of the existing 1 million devices in the field today.
  • Emerging markets are the highest consumers of this service, and that’s where the biggest challenges come due to inadequate infrastructure from one service provider.
  • ConnectedYou orchestrated the connectivity from providers into a single ConnectedYou eSIM for Tramigo that now powers Tramigo’s global deployment.


With roots in the emerging high growth markets such as Africa, Asia and Latin America & more than ten years of pioneering and painfully hard development, Tramigo is a highly innovative and persistent company aiming to change the tracking industry and create the first global consumer brand in the tracking product and telematics business.

Their cornerstone of competitiveness is TLD landmarks, an own mapping standard that makes a totally new tracking experience possible with maximized user friendliness, reliability and efficiency as compared to visual mapping such as Google Maps which was not created for the tracking business.

Tramigo is the next generation TaaS (Tracking as a Service) company for vehicle and personal tracking. Tramigo combines reliable trackers with artificial intelligence (AI) to improve traffic safety and brings tracking for everyone at a fraction of the cost of existing methods with added analytics, AI and IoT.


On this mission Tramigo faced 2 key challenges from connectivity perspective

  • Since Tramigo’s requirement was to launch with eSIMs, these were available from almost every connectivity provider however non of those eSIMs were actually powered with a service for which eSIMs were built in the first place, that is an easy, quick, secure and cost effective way to switch service providers
  • The other major issue was based on the target regions it was not possible to use a single service provider and using multiple providers without a central management layer through an eSIM was unrealistic


ConnectedYou delivers eSIMs that are fully owned and managed by ConnectedYou as an independent third party IoT orchestration company. This allows ConnectedYou to aggregate multiple service providers into a single service platform and deliver a global seamless connectivity experience to Tramigo.

All eSIMs are managed through a unified ConnectedYou management console and APIs, allowing Tramigo to choose from a selection of connectivity providers and in case of changes in roaming agreements or evolving needs change the desired eSIMs from one subscription to another in real-time, at-a-click, free of charge.

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