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Insuring IoT rollouts: ConnectedYou announces its arrival to Catalyze Global IoT

Insuring IoT rollouts: ConnectedYou announces its arrival to Catalyze Global IoT

It is a big moment for us at ConnectedYou. On 9th July 2018, we announced the launch of ConnectedYou as an all-in-one IoT Service. I wanted to share this milestone with everyone, explain what ConnectedYou is about, and why it has a special place for IoT to grow faster.

Let’s start with  a simple question:“How do you select a supplier for components of your IoT products and solutions, not knowing how your needs will evolve in coming years, or for how long the products will stay in the field?”

The answer is simple: select it based on today’s need, considering the foreseeable future, but through a technology setup and business model that insures it for the future.

We created ConnectedYou with a much needed, yet simple, ambitious goal of delivering the ultimate orchestration of IoT. Products and services are delivered by major service providers, through a single access platform, giving customers the freedom to choose and replace services as their needs evolve. ConnectedYou ensures a future proof rollout of IoT products and solutions in the field.

Everything is getting connected, whether to improve our lifestyle, or to create improved and sustainable farming. Despite a lot of noise, many industries face a challenge between reality and their dreams. IoT as we know it today has been around for many years and has evolved from Industrial Automation to Machine-2-Machine to Internet of Things.

IoT is a pain for a lot of businesses, however, it is important to embrace this evolutionary process not only for more sustainable business, but also to create a more sustainable world, that we live in. I have always believed that IoT offers us an opportunity to work together in creating a more sustainable planet by producing more and consuming less.

As IoT has grown from demonstrations and pilots to commercial projects and decisions,  technology adoption has been managed and led by strategy and business. As with any growing industry, the challenges have grown as well. With so many varied use cases,  something was always missing. Everyone has been so fixated with solving customer problems or creating new innovative products, the problems within the supply industry were overlooked.

ConnectedYou intends to tap into the endless friction in IoT rollout to create a bridge between makers of IoT products and solutions, and suppliers of the components and services. We have identified some of the pressing challenges and needs of customers, and suppliers, who deliver building blocks to IoT makers.

To create a truly connected,sustainable world, we created the ConnectedYou IoT Service platform, that offers products and services in 4 key pillars: devices, connectivity, cloud & value added services. These IoT products and solutions will be available through a single platform that integrates solutions from major suppliers, globally, and enables management of these through a single web console and a unified API. Customers no longer have to make new system integrations every time they choose a supplier. Customers can mix and match different suppliers for their varied global needs, based on a “best fit” strategy, and still get a unified experience for themselves, and for their end users. Insurance to switch service providers in real time at-a-click, within the ConnectedYou ecosystem gives power and flexibility to the enterprise. Future proofing IoT rollout is the core value of our service.

The first phase of the service includes cellular connectivity through ConnectedYou eSIMs with pre-integrated MNO partners. Interested customers, from hobby developers to large enterprises, are invited to contact us today for more information and to order  connectivity. We will enable self-service online ordering of ConnectedYou SIMs and other devices in coming months.

For more information and to contact us visit

I am pleased to say that we have got an overwhelming response from customers and partners globally. Several customers are already up and running, with rollouts in progress. Our integrations process is also running hot, with partners from connectivity to cloud services.

Let’s get connected and catalyze your global IoT rollout!

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